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Creation new maintenance of the existing protected forest territories (on the basis of the concept of an ecological framework - ekont, formation of control systems of virgin forests and improvement of control modes in the woods of the 1st group.

Pipeline transport is younger on comparisons with petrowire and accidents on it happens, apparently, less. However, here it is more than opportunities to hide gas leak also. Getting to the atmosphere as a result of accidents and during the routine work of the gas industry, methane of which for 90% natural gas consists, leads to strengthening of "greenhouse effect" and in addition promotes anthropogenically caused global climate change

activity of WWF in the sphere of ecological education is based on assistance to a sustainable development, integration of the protected and especially protected territories into a regional social and economic context;

Global climate change is expressed not only in growth of average temperature, and first of all in growth of number and force of the separate phenomena: especially hot days, droughts, floods, tornadoes, sharp thaw and frosts, mudflows, windfalls. The increasing fluctuations of climatic system and it will cause the increasing and bigger loss.