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To analyse own experience of use of a design technique in system of educational and nonlearning occupations at the senior step of training of IYa, to reveal efficiency of design training as new pedagogical technology in an education system.

collaboration within the project teaches pupils to finish business, they have to document results of the work, namely: to write article for the newspaper, the message, to collect and process statistical data, to make audio-and video, to issue an album, a collage, the wall newspaper, etc.

Thus the most logical is consideration of psikholgo-pedagogical bases of use of a design technique taking into account specifics of IYa as subject at the senior step of training of high comprehensive school.

At the present stage of a development of education the design technique is in details investigated by both foreign, and domestic authors: I.L. Bim, I. A. Zimney, T.E Sakharova, O. M Moiseyeva, E.S. Polat, I. Chechel, L.Fried-Booth, T. Hutchinson, D. Phillips, etc.