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Interaction in a family in a residence is carried out at two levels: individual and collective. Thus initial and the individual level of work with a family is decisive. Individual level of interaction assumes purposeful influence on a family taking into account its concrete features, gives the chance to define character and concrete educational impact on it.

Systematic involvement of parents in vigorous socially useful work of a residence. They can work as a part of parental committees of the Center of educational work, to be heads various – youthful associations in a residence, trainers and so on.

On the basis of estimates and results of control the decision on application of certain collectings and sanctions in relation to a family (a public censure, administrative punishment, deprivation of the parental rights, etc.) can be passed

Direct impact of the social teacher of the Center of educational work on improvement of family education. On the basis of direct supervision the social teacher analyzes a condition of education of children, the developed relations in a family, develops system of the measures directed on correction of the relations between parents and children and then defines the directions and concrete forms of work with each family.

The organization of socially useful activity, leisure of a family helps with the Center of educational work on a residence to teachers not only to improve education business, but also to change the relation of parents to school, to the street, to increase the responsibility of a family for the solution of educational tasks. The active, initiative relation of the Center of educational work to distribution of leisure and free time of a family will help it to join in active, creative forms of activities for a residence.

In educational work with a family in a residence it is impossible to bypass such most difficult social and pedagogical problem as preparation for family life. A task of parents and in that, V. A. Sukhomlinsky wrote to give to the child happiness. The happiness is many-sided. It and in loving the person, to be darling, to raise children the real people. Only together with parents, by common efforts of the teacher can give to children great human happiness.

For the solution of these problems A.Z.Andreyko uses three ideas which became a basis of the concept of innovative school: rendering the social help to a family, development (revival of national Karelian culture, training of future farmers – owners of the earth.