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The purpose of an initial development stage of new goods is the aspiration to develop as the bigger amount of ideas is possible. The purpose of stages — to reduce this quantity, without having lost thus any of valuable ideas. The first step on this way is selection of ideas.

At the same time combination of stages for the purpose of reduction of time often is resulted, so-called, costs for a mistake which conduct to increase in expenses in comparison with the initial parameter of realization of innovations. From here it is clear that the innovative is intended also for a choice and providing an optimum combination of time and expenses.

Activity of can be an important source of innovations. Emergence of a novelty in the market most often becomes an point of search of the competing innovation. Let's note also that imitation of innovations, and sometimes both direct loan of ideas and a are though unethical, but real practice of market behavior of the enterprises.

Such approach, apparently, conducts to increase in terms of a of innovations and to their rise in price. Let's remember, however, that the most expensive are the final stages of an innovative. At careful and systematic planning elimination of less perspective ideas happens earlier, the majority of the reasons, to failure in the market, is eliminated in time, time and means are considerably saved.

Not less impressively losses of Dupont corporation, with its novelty — synthetic shoe skin to "wardrobe trunks". Corporations of its illusion of rather long-term prospects of the goods cost 100 million dollars. The Dupont firm insufficiently deeply analysed the consumer market and behavior of the persons acquiring footwear. And it led to that the novelty met with was then is rejected by consumers.

One more source of ideas are own problems of equipment and technology of the enterprise. Sometimes, solving the insignificant engineering problem concerning needs of the enterprise come to the or inventions making the real revolution in branch.

Development of any innovation begins with generation of ideas — continuous and systematic search of opportunities of creation of new goods. This stage — setting in innovative process. For activity in the market the enterprise has to have the administrative mechanism capable to use any ideas, from what source they would not appear.

However, as shows world experiment, check of a plan — the inexpensive instrument of definition of enthusiasm of potential and their intention to make purchase if to compare its with possible losses.

Problem of innovative management at this stage is the innovation of study of the ideas which escaped after selection to stages of a number of alternative commodity plans (the idea option expressed by concepts, for consumption), estimates of their comparative appeal to consumers and a choice of the best of plans.

— "possibly". The firm estimates these figures of the corresponding total number of representatives of concrete target group and counts sales volume. But in this case settlement sizes will be especially approximate as people not always realize the stated intentions.

Development of goods — long and expensive process. To these, a time it was talked of descriptions, drawings or very approached models. At this stage it is necessary to receive the answer, whether the idea of goods gives in to an embodiment in a product, profitable both with technical, and with commercial the points of view. The purpose of innovative management (on it a stage — to provide decision-making of both technical, and marketing character: about a product design, its packing, a of brand, definition of a position of goods in the market, check of an to goods and uses by his consumer.

In domestic practice of development of new goods not enough attention is paid to the stages preceding research and development, as a rule. It led to creation of noncompetitive, and ineffective innovations in operation, growth of expenses on elimination of the mistakes made at the initial stages of development.

This long process can be considered consisting of quite certain stages, on each of which it is necessary to make the relevant reasonable decisions. Let's call the main stages of process: — generation of ideas; — selection of idea; — development of a plan and its check; — economic analysis; — development of a ; — trial marketing; — commercial realization.