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This style opens itself the twentieth century. The modernist style set to itself the task of creation of new big style on the ideological and philosophical soil of neo-romanticism. The modernist style can be presented as idea of creation fine which does not contain in unsatisfactory surrounding life. Modernist style develops generally in architecture. For it a variety and modulations of forms, polychromy, a combination was characteristic, it would seem incongruous, geometrichny forms with plastic lines.

Seeking for identification in plasticity of planning and constructive bases of the building, the modernist style put forward the wide esthetic program. In search of sharp, sometimes an extravagant image, it did not avoid even grotesque. Supporters of new style developed expressive architectural language of sophisticated decorative forms, whimsically bent fluid lines, safely entered into architecture the fine arts and widely used new construction materials.

In general the XX century was most sated with styles and the directions, and opposite. And that is interesting, each of the directions gained recognition," the place in the sun"; all of them were very consecutive, one followed from another. It is possible to call the leaving century the end of a huge era. Art began almost from anything, and suited the 21st century only to that could save up for this huge time. Until recently and now, there were many constructions differing in lack of taste and pathos. Certainly art endured both recessions and rises, but it never "died out". Actually it is very symbolical that eras replace each other on border of the millennia. Let's hope that already soon the direction, which stanetnachaly a new era will be allocated.

The complex of library is executed in reserved color: light marble of poles contrasts with the bronze covered with a patina a bas-relief, and at the same time is combined with gray color of granite of a ladder of a terrace, the black polished facing of a colonnade of a main entrance.

The Komsomolskaya station - radial (architect D. Chechulin) is constructed in such a way that the movement of passengers is carried out in two levels: over ways galleries are built: connected by bridges. Two rows of columns are topped with bronze capitals.