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Perhaps, a rozhdestvenny holiday in Italy – the most colourful. By December 25 even sidewalks decorate with carpet paths and fir-trees in big pots. However not all these remarkable days are days off in the standard understanding.

event tourism is extremely developed in Tuscany. A carnival in Viaredzho (the 2nd for the importance and to scope after Venetian); Palio's (Palio) holiday - jumps on horses round Kampo Square in Siena; Dzhiostra put Saritsino (Giostra del Saracino) – knightly tournament in Renaissance suits;

The XIX century can be considered as the ancestor of tourism, but it were travel for the elite. Exactly at that time there was a fashion on sea bathings and to World War I by the resort there was French riviera belonging at that time to Italy. But aristocrats, members of royal surnames who came to Riviera in search of fertile climate (French riviera, San Remo, Rapallo), the well-known artists, composers, writers, actors who aspired to Italy in search of inspiration (Capri, Sorrento, Taormin were the most famous travelers of that time (them it is still difficult to call tourists).

At Italy there are practically all factors promoting tourism development: favorable climate, the most beautiful nature, abundance of sights, set of sea resorts, excellent kitchen, good hotel base, excellent transport connection (avia, automobile, railway,, benevolent population.

Tendencies of development of tourism in Umbria are similar to a situation in Tuscany, except for lack in Umbria of sea resorts (the territory of Umbria has no outlet to the sea). Local authorities of Umbria make large sums in the organization of cultural actions and improvement of quality of tourism (A festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, big restoration works in many places, restriction of the movement in historic centers of the city.

In Italy event tourism is very developed, moreover, Italy is an example for imitation other countries how it is possible to use events in different spheres of public life for involvement of tourists.

Now construction new and reconstruction of old hotels is intensively conducted. Many of them already became outdated and, now in them modernization is made. Monuments of architecture and art are constantly under repair and restored. They are given the new, sparkling look but as their huge number, at the authorities hands not always reach the province, and there after all too are the monuments needing in reconstruction and cleanings.

The main thing in character of the nation, of course, not it, and the relation to such values, as the history and a family. And here Italians are firm. A family for Italians – the only institute standing trust and being reputable presently. In Italians unusually kind, tender attitude towards children, especially to small pleasantly surprises. In children Italians love the future, just as in ruins of great ancient art they love the past. In today's Italians connects both.

Mixture of the Italian and Austrian traditions (in German very pure and accurate hotels, various (italo-Austrian cuisine), local folklore, the German traditions in architecture has special appeal to tourists.