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Most of the population of Egypt - a fellakha (peasants who are engaged in agriculture). They seldom leave the native village, unless only leave on a market to the next city. All villages are similar at each other: a congestion of houses from a brick with a flat roof. A half of the only room is occupied by the flat furnace on which usually sleep in the winter. The furnace is necessary even in winter Africa: though in January in the afternoon temperature can rise to +30 C, at night it falls to

The outlines the territory of Egypt reminds a square, each of which parties is equal 1000km. From the North on the South all this "square" is crossed by the great African river Neil (so we call the river formed as a result of confluence of White and Blue Nile.) In fact, the valley and the delta of Nile is a huge oasis among deserts.

Nile eats waters of summer tropical heavy rains which go where Blue Nile, on the Ethiopian Highlands begins. In the winter when rains stop, water level in Nile falls. During summer rains Nile spreads and if not dams along its coast, the valley of the river every time appeared under water as it happened in the ancient time.

The delta of Nile where there is Cairo, - the most densely populated part of the country. Not opened earth here almost did not remain, only along coast of Nile different types of acacias, sikomor (a sort of a ficus, a tamarikosa grow. From coast of Nile the well-known papyrus absolutely disappeared. (Now it is possible to see this plant only on coast of lakes in northern part of the delta of Nile.) In these places storks, white, purple and gray herons, wild geese fly on wintering, it is a lot of other birds.

Cairo was founded by Arabs in 10v. a little to the north of that place where there was Memphis – the capital of Ancient Egypt more than 4 thousand years ago. The sixth part of all Egyptians lives in Cairo approximately, and a third of all Egyptian workers works at its enterprises.