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Results of complex researches are reflected in special cards on the basis of which it is possible to develop schemes of rational development of the territory. All this demands creation of special division of cartography of environmental management.

The rectilinear organization of fields in land use with tightly the fixed system of windbreak fields, underestimation of local forms of a relief was created by favorable conditions for universal development of a wind and water erosion

Potatoes have important food and fodder value, and also serve as raw materials for production of starch and alcohol. The beginning of growth of potatoes occurs at rather high temperature — about 10 °, he badly transfers frosts, but has rather short period of vegetation (from 60 to 120 days respectively at early and late-ripening grades, demands moderate moistening. Thus remoistening of soils and high summer temperatures have adverse impact on this culture conducting the origin from mountainous areas of America. In hot weather at increase of average daily temperature to 29 ° development of tubers stops. For potatoes rather easy soils which are well cultivated rich with the maintenance of basic elements of food (N, To, P), in a large number of the tubers consumed in the course of formation are optimum.

The culture of a tea-plant is characterized by high requirements to of moistening and the thermal mode, to the content of nutrients in soils which have to have good vlago-and air permeability at subacidic reaction of the environment.